The text page

On the text page, which is accessible via the main menu item "Texts", all Sanskrit texts contained in the corpus of the DCS are listed in alphabetical order. To browse texts by chapters, make sure that JavaScript is activated in your web browser and procede as follows:
  1. Select the desired text in the listbox "Available texts". Commentaries are listed as independent texts.
  2. As soon as a text has been selected, the listbox "Chapters" is filled with all chapters of the selected text. In addition, bibliographical information about the text can be retrieved via a link below the list of available texts.
  3. Select a chapter from the listbox "Chapters". A short text below this listbox indicates the revision status of the chapter. Chapters marked by "no revisions" are tagged only once (refer to the technical details) and may contain significantly more errors than revised chapters.
  4. The text of the chapter is shown below the form. The lexical analysis is displayed directly after each line of text. Each lexical unit is linked to the respective detail page which offers the full set of philological information. The lexical analysis can be switched off using the option "Analysis" - "no analysis".
    In addition, you can display parallel or similar passages for each chapter by activating the option "Show parallels" at the top of the page.
The database of DCS contains errors, in the Sanskrit texts as well as in their analyses. Unclear strings are marked by different background colors in the Sanskrit text:
  1. A red background means that the form of a word (or, more precisely, a string) is unclear. This may be due to unsafe readings, typos in the digital text and other reasons.
  2. A fuchsia background means that the lexical analysis of the word is unclear.